How to Hide WiFi Network through IP From Hackers?

Do you want to Hide WiFi network then here is the best thing to increase the security of your home network system? There are more difficult people to hack off your WiFi to make the access your system and steal valuable information. Especially it is an essential complex to securing your wireless network whereas vital consideration to make. The routers will be broadcasting which is called has beacon fame. It will transmit which contains information about the network, including the SSID, and is meant to announce that this network exists. Since you have to protect your hotspot with Wired Equivalent Privacy or with Wi-Fi Protected Access

How to Hide WiFi Network From Neighbors and Hackers?

how to hide wifi network

Understand How people can find your wireless network access: For every wireless network will have SSID. So SSID is the sequence of many characters with approx of 32 which uniquely marks your wireless network. The default access for the most used to get targeted for the systems will be able to broadcast this SSID to make it easier for you to find and use. Let aspirants get access to the networks will hiding when the process is complete. It seemed when you accessed a wireless network at a restaurant or a coffee shop, you have used an SSID. At many restaurants or coffee shops, the SSID will be the name of the place.

Enter your router’s IP address ( into your Internet browser’s

You never logged to the router before. But it first needs your router’s IP address. The default IP address for most of all systems is “” to login and enter the IP address to an internet browser to get connected to the network. The above IP above address does not take you to a first page, and it will prompt you to enter login credentials, consult your router’s manual. They will try to look and also label the router lists for the information like network key, SSID, and encryption key. It usually means on most of teh routers from the bottom.

Enter your Login Information to Access the Control Panel

To enter the right IP address, they will prompt to login from username and also with a password. Similarly, they will set to have something on the default place of the connection. The routers are manual for the default username and login information. Since if you customized the exact login information. In the same way, the username will be “admin,” and the password will be blank. So be sure to change the username and password at some point to increase your network’s security

Unselect the Option like “Broadcast Network Name.”

To set the options which are similar to the “Hide SSID, it will make changes and let you stop browsing automatically broadcasting its name to anybody with a WiFi capable devices. If you want to connect the network, you must enter the network’s connection name into their equipment.

Disable the WPS and UPnP Features:

You can hide the features that have lots of significant security vulnerabilities. And also mainly for the ability to circumvent other security features to recommend turning them off ASAP

Consider the Additional Option to Hide WiFi Network Security:

Candidates are you are trying to make your network invisible so nobody cannot access your network. So hide Wifi network’s SSID will not help that much. Many of the hackers will still intercept the radio waves continually being from your router and access your network in the same part of the control panel in which you hid your SSID. You can also enable MAC filtering option which is the addresses are identifiers which all WiFi capable devices carry. So to allow mac to you have to do it manually with an address to access the wireless network. So To find out you,r device’s MAC address can keep safe without hacking your devices carefully from others.
Enable the Router Firewall

The main examines of incoming the network will full delectable for the networks blocks anything that’s deemed unsafe. So most of the routers will be built in the same way with firewall features. It also compares parts of all incoming network signals and even data against a database only it allows from the passes and the test connected for the signals.


How do I Hide the SSID of My Wireless Network on the DSL‑2640B?

  • Type in the default IP address of the router name in your browser (default IP is
  • Login with the default username and password (username: admin, password: admin)
  • Click on Setup at the top of the screen and then click on the Wireless Setup option on the left.
  • In the Wireless Network settings section, check the ‘Hide Wireless network’ option.
  • Now click on the Apply Settings button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Finally, Reboot button on the left to reboot the router with the new settings.

What is the Main Reason Behind Hiding WiFi Network?

When your WiFi network shows your friends or any other beside of your neighbours. So in that it could ask you about your WiFi Password in that situation we can hide WiFi network.


Hopefully, you got the complete information How to hide WiFi network. Keep safe with your login credentials so that nobody can access your network. Therefore follow the given some steps then you’ll be able to expert Hide Wireless Network.